I find no words to explain what I have seen on the link.: “woooow” will say it all!

Never seen a such high class standard magazine on photography, every page is a revelation of beauty and exceptional photography. Layout an articles are also sublime… big congrats to het editor and lay-out man. It will have success by all serious photographers amateurs and professionals IMO, that what I wish you!!! – Friendly regards, Ben Goossens

Composition Magazine 001

Top Ten | The Anthropologist interview with Joey Lawrence | Clouds in the Waterinterview with Mark Tipple | Architecture as Abstract Art Text and photos by: Thomas Holtkötter | The Stobist interview with the David Hobby| The Face of Italy Written by: Sivan Askayo | A Fly on the Wall The importance of camouflage for street photography, by Felix Lupa | 1x.com The best gallery on the web | Red Sea Fiesta | Edd Carlile Portfolio | Smoking Pictures by Tomer Jacobson | The Deep End: Stacking with Photoshop CS4 Erez Marom | Nikon 500mm F/4 VR Perfection Has its Price, By Roie Galitz

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Awesome mate. So much content that kept me reading, and I have a short attention span as it is. SO stoked you put me in the same issue as JoeyL and Strobist, two guys I respect greatly.

Sure, for $2 there’s a lot of information you could browse and find online, but for $2 it’s far easier to pay the small amount and have it all in one place. No brainer. Sign me up.

Mark Tipple, http://www.marktipple.com